Juice WRLD, young superstar rap mainstay, is dead at 21

Payton Beasley, Author and Editor

Juice WRLD, the author behind many hits such as Robbery and Lucid Dreams, the latter of which peaked #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, has died Sunday morning at the age of 21 at a Chicago airport.

Juice WRLD, otherwise known as Jarad Anthony Higgins, perished Sunday from a accidental drug overdose. Basically, Juice WRLD had over 70 pounds of marijuana, codeine, and 3 automatic handguns. Unfortunately, Juice WRLD apparently swallowed numerous percoset pills in an attempt to hide them from cops, feds, and the FBI, who had been there waiting when a source had alerted them they had all the drugs on the plane. Juice basically swallowed over 10 percs in a attempt to hide them, but not in the right way. Juice WRLD suffered a cardiac arrest, which in turn caused him to overdose and have a seizure. He also was taking opioid antidote on the plane, and this whole situation is just awful. A lot of his fans are mourning his loss (including me!) but Juice was just trying to do right, and got caught in the system. The same system that Lil Peep and Mac Miller got caught in in 2017. It’s just a bummer, because Juice WRLD was a inspiration to many kids, as he loved to rap and do interviews. Most of his lyrics were sad, slumbering melodies that taught us drug use, causal sex, and sometimes even his own death. In the song Legends, he claimed “What’s the 27 club-b-b-b-b-b? We ain’t making it past 21.” What is even more interesting about his death, Juice WRLD was 6 days removed from his 21st birthday, which was December 2nd, 2019. S0, Juice WRLD was a good influnce.

I just personally don’t understand how otherworldly stupid you must be in order to have to swallow 10 percs or face jail time. It really does boggle my mind. When I heard 0f it on 94.1 Sunday morning, I knew that it was some sort of drugs. Literally any song with Juice was just speaking of drugs and women over a 808 and some hi-hats. It is really sad.

Rest in peace Juice, you were a good artist. Bless up, and stay safe up there. :0)