3,000 Sexual Assault Cases Reported During Uber Rides in 2018

December 6th, 2019 a total of 3,000 sexual assault cases were reported from users of the ride share app Uber in the US of the year 2018. In the 1.3 billion trips, over 235 rapes were reported and the year before 2,236 sexual assaults were reported over the billions of rides given. It was also reported that 9 people were murdered and 59 were killed in car crashes. Uber clarified by saying both drivers and riders were attacked, some between other riders. The company noted 1 out of 5 billion trips sexual assaults were reported between 2017 and 2018. The Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted “I suspect many people will be surprised at how rare these incidents are; others will understandably think they’re still too common,” “Some people will appreciate how much we’ve done on safety; others will say we have more work to do. They will all be right.” Both Uber and its rival Lyft have faced lawsuits stating the rideshare companies weren’t doing enough to protect the drivers and their passengers. During the week, 19 women and a man filed a lawsuit claiming Lyft put them in danger. They claimed they were assaulted, had gotten damages, and wanted Lyft drivers to put cameras into their cars. They also accused Lyft of lowering the severity of the complaints and failed to follow up on them. In the last month, London refused to renew Uber’s license to be of use in the city after many reports of safety issues of imposter drivers. The company executives claim they would appeal the ban.









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