Jersey City shooting

Hailey Wabbersen

On December 10th, yet another, mass shooting occurred in Jersey City, New Jersey. This tragedy took place at a kosher grocery store near the Greenville area. This catastrophe cost the lives of six people, the two gun man, and three civilians while another civilian and two police officers were wounded.

This shooting is also being investigated as possible domestic terrorism according to the Washington Post. Officials also say that surveillance video indicated the market had been deliberately marked. The assailants began the attack at a cemetery in the southwestern part of Jersey City, fatally shooting veteran police detective, Joseph Seals. They then stormed the nearby Supermarket.

Afterward, in one of the gun mans pockets, was a folded up note from Ahmed Hady, a local pawn shop owner. The suspect was taken into custody yesterday, he and his property are undergoing investigation. The pawn shop was found with 10 illegal guns and 400 rounds of ammunition. He is being charged with a felon; having possession of a firearm.

This tragedy is still undergoing investigation but hopefully this shooting will prevent yet another. These ongoing headlines about gun violence and innocent people losing their lives should hopefully spark change. Gun violence has become apart of our everyday news which is heartbreaking. There needs to be a change soon or more innocent lives will pay the price.