17-year-old cancer patient gets her Christmas wish

Hailey Wabbersen

17-year-old, Ellie Draughon, was diagnosed with bone cancer earlier this year in June after going to check up on leg pain. After a series of trips to the hospital and chemo, her mom wanted to do something special for her. Her mom and family friends started a GoFundMe in order to hire a company to do the lights. They raised $8000.

“Every time in the hospital when she’d be upset, or going through a hard time with her chemo, she’d want to talk about Christmas with me, and I just remembered that her whole life she’d always wanted to have a lot of lights in the yard,” said her mom.

The first night 15,000 lights were up, this was the first time Ellie felt true joy since she was diagnosed. Her mom knew how much she was going through with all the hospital trips and pain so she wanted to make her feel happy and make her year have a happy ending. Since their fund went way over the amount needed for the lights, they donated what was left, about $3,500, to CURE to raise awareness for childhood cancer.