Why do our pets go nuts for Sun?

Lily Scott, Writer/Editor

“Go outside” is what I tell my lazy dog on the couch. She quickly darts out the back door to start sniffing around the fence where the flower garden is. After a while, through the kitchen window I can see her sitting on the edge of our patio. When I go walk out, I can see her eyes are closed. It almost looks as if she’s meditating, and all she has is peace.

This raises a question..why do dogs, in specific, enjoy basking in the sun? One important reason is just like humans, dogs need energy and nutrients from the sun. Ever see people tanning at the beach? Well this is almost kind of the same. It feels good to just sit and let the heat roll of your back. Even though some dogs have thicker coats than others, they all pretty much enjoy the warm weather.