Guy Saving Neighbors Dog

Daija Wiggins

A man saved his neighbor’s dog after its leash got caught in an elevator door and their apartment security cameras captured the rescue. Johnny Mathis, 27, was coming home from work in Houston Texas and had just parked his car in his apartment complex’s underground garage. Mathis lives on the ground floor of his community so he took the elevator up to his floor. As soon as he got off, a woman and her dog were trying to get on. The women had a long leash and he was already looking at the dog and he seen the women get in the elevator and the dog was outside of the elevator and he knew something wasn’t right and the elevator started going up so he hurried and grabbed the dog and took the leash off. The women in the elevator was historically crying and thought her dog had died but Mathis banged on the elevator door to let the women know that her dog was fine and safe. When the women came back down to the floor where her dog and Mathis where she gave him a hug and said thank you but she was still crying she had a lot of emotions going through her mind.