African American cheerleader kicked off team due to her natural hair

Rachel Leyva

A woman in Colorado told sites that her 11 year old daughter was kicked off the team due to her coach being against her natural hair. The sources state that the coach required the girl to wear a $20 hairpiece to match her teamates . NBC News states that in defense the coach said the decision was not based on the students race or ethnicity , the coach told the sites that it was due to her mothers behavior. Students should not be kicked off or banned from sports due to their natural hair due to man reasons. One of the many reasons is that it goes against a persons freedom to wear what they choose to wear . It is a persons own decision to wear what the please and people should not have the right to go against it . Another reason is people should not be discriminated due to their race or their natural hair. People should hav the right to wear their hair as they choose to unless it causes a distraction to other people .