11 Accused Previously In Drug Smuggling Bust Involving UPS Workers

Raven Haengel, Photographer, Writer

On December 18th, 2019 Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich released a statement about 11 people being indicted with the involvement of four UPS workers. The defendants were accused of shipping illegal drugs and more than 50,000 counterfeit THC vape pens across the country. Together the accused have a total of 48 felony charges, like money laundering, transporting marijuana for sale, transporting narcotic drugs for sale, misconduct of weapons, and illegally running an enterprise. It is still not clear if the defendants had an attorney. CNN has reached out to the Arizona Attorney General. The recent charges were the result of an investigation that started in 2017, special agents learned that UPS workers were allegedly closing business accounts to ship packages through the UPS distribution network. The release claimed “Specifically, between November 2018 and June 2019, undercover officers shipped and received packages, supposedly containing illegal drugs and illegal drug proceeds, by routing them through the shipment center in Tucson,”. 2 search warrants were executed and authorities seized around $10,000, high end vehicles like a Corvette and Range Rover, and an estimate of 50,000 vape pens according to Sgt. Wally Kaderly. Sergeant Kaderly said “Because of their positions in UPS, they had knowledge in some of the vulnerabilities in their infrastructure that allowed them to traffic these drugs undetected internally by UPS and externally by law enforcement,”. Company Spokesman Matthew O’Connor told CNN, “UPS is aware of the law enforcement actions involving employees. We cooperate fully with law enforcement professionals and will continue to provide information as needed,”