Puerto Rico Earthquake Kills at least 1 Person

Shaney Guadalupe

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is currently having one of the largest series of earthquakes. Ponce, a 77 year old resident, died after a wall collapsed during an earthquake. There is so much damage that was done after the earthquake. According to nbcnews.com Albert said “The road is cracked in the middle and it lifted up,”. A home in Guánica, Puerto Rico was collapsed. This is expected to be the largest earthquake recorded for the region. Many homes in Puerto Rico don’t have walls, many homes are out of shape and look beaten up due to the earthquake. The island is experiencing major power outages. Many people and families have lost their homes because their homes were either unstable and not in good condition. Some very well-known platforms in Puerto Rico were affected by the earthquake. The Guánica lighthouse suffered damage, but it did survive. It lost one of its walls during the earthquake. On nbcnews.com it states that “The earthquake caused the coastal rock formation that had formed a sort of rounded window to collapse. Punta, Ventana, that was a popular tourist draw in the southwest of town Guayanilla.” Playa Ventana has collapsed. People in Puerto Rico are scared about their homes and their families because they never know when another earthquake may happen, or where they will be when it happens. Most of the people in Puerto Rico are afraid to go back to their homes because they’re afraid that their homes aren’t safe. Many people are considering staying in shelter or in the streets, because of fears that their homes may collapse in the middle of the night. Many nights like these are just waiting to happen in Puerto Rico. Schools in Puerto Rico has been knocked down. Many kids aren’t getting any education due to the earthquakes that are taking place. Some of the citizens there can’t go to work because they have to make sure their families are safe and the roads are not in good condition.Whenever it may be that the earthquake will stop happening students will be behind and will have to attend to other schools and parents will need to catch up on their house payment and get the power running again. They will have to go through many struggles to get back on track, it will be very hard.Mean time people need to stay safe and make the best decisions for them and their families.