Florida Woman Arrested for Threatening to Rob McDonald’s of Its Sauce


Mugshot of Maguire McLaughlin by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. 1/1/2020

Reed Wahington, Writer

Florida Woman Arrested for Threatening to Rob McDonald’s of It’s Sauce

Yet again in the ever expanding chronicles of a person from Florida making national news for outlandish reasons, we have a new crime. This time by a woman by the name of Maguire Marie McLaughlin, age nineteen. Mclaughlin was, according to Indian River County Sheriff Arrest records, arrested at 3:47 A.M. January 1st, 2020 at a McDonald’s in Vero Beach, Florida. Her crime? Threatening to obtain sauce packets by “whatever means necessary” as described in her arrest affidavit discovered by The Smoking Gun, a website which reports on and releases arrest records and other legal documents.

According to said affidavit, the incident with McLaughlin happened as follows; Mclaughlin arrived at the McDonald’s and ordered a large amount of food. She then, as one does, proceeded through the drive-through and towards the pay window, upon paying, Mclaughlin received her food. After receiving her food, McLaughlin asked for “one of every flavor of dipping sauce” and she was then informed by McDonald’s employee, Donovan Keever, that the restaurant had a twenty-five cent per sauce policy, that’s when trouble struck. Mclaughlin, still in her silver Honda four door, became irate and began to scream profanities even going as far as to say that she would rob the McDonald’s if she continued to be refused the dipping sauces she had requested.

McDonald’s manger, Beverly Keever, corroborated the story stating to police officers, “Mclaughlin ordered her food and then requested a dipping sauce. . . [I] advised Mclaughlin that, per policy, dipping sauce cost twenty-five cents at which point a verbal altercation ensued. . . McLaughlin began yelling profanities at several employees saying that she would ‘rob’ the establishment if she doesn’t get her dipping sauce. Several employees were distraught at Mclaughlin’s actions and. . . [I] was in fear for [my] own well-being through the course of the disturbance.”

According to the police report while questioning McLaughlin, while still on the scene of the crime, that her eyes were glossy and there was a definite “odor of alcohol” on her breath. The officer continued stating the she would “momentarily become cooperative” and then return to her irate state. Despite that, McLaughlin wasn’t charged with any form of alcohol related crime or misdemeanor. 

She was, however, charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting arrest without violence. The second charge being because, once she had been restrained, she locked her legs and refused to walk the police car. Once finally apprehended and moved to the vehicle she put her legs in the door jam so the police officer couldn’t shut the door, once again refusing to move. The cops had to “Take her to the ground” and place her in a “Hobble Restraint Device”. She was then brought to the Indian River county sheriff’s office where she was processed and booked. McLaughlin was booked at 8:23 A.M. Mclaughlin posted the one thousand dollar bond and was released at 1:03 pm that very same day. One question still remains, did she get to keep the food?