Australia Is Burning

Jorja Horner

During November of 2019, fires in the New South Wales broke out so badly that a state of emergency was called by the Australian government. In a short period of time these fires gained strength and spread, leading to some of the worst fires on record. 21 people are dead. Over 15 million acres are burned. 3 firefighters are dead, some are missing. Over 1,300 homes are destroyed. It became complete chaos and thousands of people were evacuated even through New Years. According to “The Verge” over 100 fires are still burning, and Australia’s capital pollution has been recorded and it’s currently the worst it has ever been. Australia’s air index is 23 times what is considered hazardous. The smoke in the city literally creeped into hospitals, their birthing rooms, around MRI machines causing them to stop, a woman even died due to respiratory distress being triggered. There is so much smoke that it leaked 1,000 miles to New Zealand and filled the outside with smoke and the air with a constant burning smell. In New South Wales roughly half a billion animals lost their lives in this one state alone. 8,000 koalas, nearly a third of the ones living in the New South Wales have lost their lives. All over Australia, 30 percent of the koala population has been wiped out. This has led to a greater devastation because koalas aren’t found anywhere else and this adds on to Australia’s high rate of native animals becoming extinct. Australia has been doing everything it can put the fires out, even the US and Canada have sent firefighters over to help. Officials have said that the fires will get worse and can sadly only be fully put out once the fires die themselves.