The New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings Wildcard Game!

Amanda Palazzolo, Author and Writer

The Minnesota Vikings take the win from the Saints by a touchdown: 26-20. The Saints’ biggest issue was in the third down, they only converted of 11 attempts and Minnesota’s quarterback with his targets and play-callers that the Saints would of done better. But nope the Viking’s took it and ran at the first down marker.  

If you was at the 1st and goal, you would of scored a touchdown right, well the Saints settled for a field goal after getting the ball on the nine-yard line. New Orleans also misses a field goal as time went by in the first half. So instead of going into half up 17-13, they trailed 13-10. The Vikings was holding to a 3-point lead with just over four minutes left when the Saints had the ball at the Vikings 20-yard line.  

The Pro bowl defensive end put the pause of the game, from sidestepping right tackle on Ryan Ramczyk and forcing the ball to Brees’ right hand at the 30-yard line. With the Saints getting a field goal with two seconds left gave New Orleans a fighting chance. The Vikings offense then took advantage but then Dalvin Cook scored on a five-yard rush with 23 seconds left. Instead Minnesota suddenly had a 13-10 lead. Which helped the Minnesota Vikings win the game.