Rising Sea Levels Could Lead to Some Major Problems

kaitlyn marsh

We all have a major problem that needs to be brought up because this is only going to get worse. Rising sea levels are becoming higher each day as the polar caps melt due to rising temperatures. When the polar caps melt, it causes more water to come into the ocean making the water go further onto land. Scientists have done a tremendous amount of research on the rising sea levels. These scientists are predicting that by the year 2050 most of the countries and lands we know today will be submerged in water. There are many places that could become submerged by rising tides ranging from Asia holding up the most places that can become submerged to the United States. In the world, there is an “estimate of about a billion of people are living below high-tide lines” according to nature.com. See many of us think that since it’s not affecting us right now that we don’t need to worry. Even though that seems like a low percentage it does have a powerful impact. With more of liquid water in the ocean it starting to cause more frequent and dangers natural disasters. Flooding, hurricanes and tropical storms could become more common. The more water there is the more that it impacts us, see the water gets evaporated and too much evaporated water causes tropical storms which could lead to flooding and then even possible tornados.