Stare Down Between Native American and Student in MAGA Hat

Alyssa Hernandez, Writer

Alyssa Hernandez 

Mrs. Seltzer 

Journalism 1 

14 Jan 2020 

   Stare Down Between Native American and Student in MAGA Hat 

What seemed like a group of students in MAGA hats mocking a Native American has recently unfolded to be quite the opposite. Though the young student, Nick Sandmann, had many supporters, a lot of the media chose to hate on him because of his hat and his friends in the back were laughing and making re marks towards Nathan Phillips, the Native American. Nathan Phillips was singing and playing a drum, trying to defuse the situation that was occurring with the students of Covington Catholic High school and the Black Hebrew Israelites.  

The video that went viral was a stare down happening between Nathan Phillips and Nick Sandmann. Nick Sandmann stood there laughing at some points while Nathan sung and played the drum. Nathan Phillips in an interview said he felt threatened by Nick who had stood in his way as he was trying to leave but continued to sing his song as he thought of his wife who died 4-years ago. Many publishers talked about this incident, most going against the young boys, stating they were in the wrong. Longer videos that showed what had actually happened began to come to light as more and more of the media started to investigate the situation. Nick had also decided to stand up for himself and try to explain the whole situation. The boys were the ones being mocked and taunted, by the Black Hebrew Israelites. The boys were unfairly hated on, called racist and hateful. Nick says his school does not tolerate racism though and neither him nor his classmates are racist. Both Nathan and Nick have different views on what happened. When on one hand Nathan says Nick blocked him from leaving and that he was mocking him, Nick says he felt he wasn’t blocking him at all, and that Nathan was singling him out for a confrontation.  

Trump had tweeted about the situation as well. He states they were treated unfairly, and they can bring people closer together now that they have the world’s attention from being the victims of fake news. Nick Sandmann thought he was treated unfairly and received threats, bullying, and damage to his reputation, so him and his family decided to sue the Washington Post for $250 million, NBC, and CNN for $275 million. Sandmann’s lawyers argued that the Post had singled out Kevin and they had failed to ignore the facts and investigate more to get to the bottom of the story. CNN decided to pay, but NBC and The Post don’t have trial dates set and are still pending.