Australia is Making a Comeback

kaitlyn marsh

Australia is Making a Comeback  

There have been sighting of plants re-growing in Australia after wild fires tore through the forests. Pictures have been taken of plants growing on burnt trees, bushes and logs showing the life after the horrific fires.Murray Lowe or as other people know him as Mr.Lowe” has captured multiple picture, in the Kulnara area of Austaralia. 

Above is a picture he took of grass growing back in the Kulnara area which about three weeks ago was destroyed by fire. 


Another photo by Mr.Lowe is a picture of a plant re-evolving and coming back to life after the fire passed through.

Mr.Lowe believe that after “seeing these plants regrow so quickly gave him hope” from But now, there may be only a small amount of plant life coming back to these forests, but it is an amazing start. Now we thank Mr.Lowe for these pictures and all he done to bring to light the after mass of a tragedy.But can we also take a minute to be grateful about the thing that is helping bring these plants back to life.That lovely thing that we need to be more appreciate the rain in Australia.It’s having a major impact on the fires there such as put some of them out and or helping to the down sizing the fire form the original size. With this it is helping cut back on the chaos of the fire can go and making it easier for people to put out the fire.Not only putting out the fires, but helping in the decline in plants being burnt.But also it is re-hydrating the soil which is making it capable for these plants to bounce back so quickly from this disaster. Let’s only hope that this is the jump start that Australia needs to bounce back completely from these outrages fires.