Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt Call it Quits

Peyton Feldman, Writer

Peyton Feldman

Mrs. Seltzer

Journalism 1

17 Jan 2020

    Jeffree Star, one of the biggest YouTube celebrities well known for his makeup confirmed he and his boyfriend of 5 years Nate Schwandt broke up in a video he posted on Saturday titled “We Broke Up”. Prior to the video fans still speculated if they were still together. Breakup rumors first arose in 2019 after Schwandt deleted his social media accounts. In addition to this Star erased “wifey of Nathan” from his Instagram bio, wasn’t active on any social media for days, and cancelled his European makeup masterclass tour with youtuber and makeuartist Mmmmitchell for “personal reasons”. 

    In the 17minute long video Star uploaded on Saturday he takes time to address his fans about their 5 yearlong relationship coming to an endApparently, they’ve been broken up for a couple of weeks and both are still dwelling over the relationship. Jeffree started the video by saying “I’ve tried to film this ten times now and I’ve cried every single time”. He confirmed that he was inactive to take time to heal and that there is no drama behind the situation. According to Star they are still friends. 

  One reason Star and Schwandt are no longer together is partially due to them not being able to process the death of their 2 dogs, Daddy Star who passed away on October and Diamond who passed away in early June. Another factor is Star’s hectic lifestyle and fame. He informed his fans that Nate never particularly liked being in the spotlight and the fact that they would always move from one thing to another without settling down to process any of it. Eventually Jeffree’s lifestyle became a burden on Schwandt, especially the hate that came with it. Even though this news is somewhat sad they are still close friends growing alongside each other. Hopefully they both settle down, solve their problems and eventually learn from them in the future.