American Hero

Reed Wahington


    In a time when politics becomes increasingly polarized by the second, and there are 24 hour news cycles dedicated to running coverage of the presidential election, it isn’t difficult to see political action in your everyday life, From bumper-stickers to T-shirts to spitting on a Trump supporter. Especially so for Matthias Georg Ajple (43) of Vero Beach, Florida who was sentenced to 90 days in prison.

The incident, which happened on October 25th, 2019, took place in the Hurricane Grill and becomes increasingly farcical as you read the police affidavit. According to the victim, Robert Youngblood, he was sitting at the bar with his friends, Richard Cobb and Dana Okeefe, wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat when Matthias walked up to Youngblood and said “Go back to Russia you F***ing Communist”.

Youngblood notified the authority of the license plate on the vehicle that Matthias left in, and they traced the vehicle back to Laura Torres. Upon showing up at Torres’ house police began questioning her and she admitted that she had dared her husband (Matthias) to tell Youngblood to “‘go back to Russia’ as a joke”.

Matthias was taken into custody and a show-up was conducted where Matthias was positively identified by Youngblood. Matthias refused to provide a statement until his Miranda was read. After which he stated, “I was trying to protect you guys because I support Law Enforcement, Trump supporters are communists and racist. I don’t even care that I am going to jail, this is actually exciting, plus I have more time on earth then he does anyways, he probably feels so good about himself.” Matthias was placed under arrest and transported without incident.

Matthias’ case was adjudicated in the Indian River County criminal court on January 9th at 1:14 PM. He was sentenced to 90 days in prison as well as 12 months probation. Matthias was ordered to pay a seemingly disproportionate $155 in restitution pay to Youngblood. This restitution on top of the already seven-hundred dollars in fines.

That’s not the end of Youngblood and Matthias’ interactions as Youngblood has filed a civil lawsuit against Matthias. Youngblood, searching for 15,000 dollars in damages, claims that he suffered pain from the incident because of a recent cancer surgery. He is also claiming emotional distress stemming from the incident.

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, it is comforting to know that Matthias Ajple is out there, a hero no one wanted and know no one really needed either.