About Generation Z

Shaney Guadalupe

What makes generation Z so different from other generations ? Generation Z  is less focussed they are better at multitasking. They are focused on pursuing their jobs and dreams . They are also much more private. ( This information was found by Forbes and                huffington post) Millennials also known as Generation Y, refer to the generation that was born between 1980 and 1995, while Generation Z refers to people born between 1996 and 2010. Gen Z is considered to be less focused than Millennials because Gen Z is more drawn to apps and their cellphones. This makes Gen Z more active and alert. They are more open  minded than Millennials , because they have come of an age were  society started accepting marriage of the same gender. They get along with other people from outside their own cultures. They are less likely to follow the traditional gender roles. Analyzing a recent survey of 13,000 high school students, it has been found that today’s teens smoke, fight and drink far less compared to the previous generation. (All of they information was found on askwonder.com) They care more about prices and their financial being, meanwhile Millennials will go and get coupons or just directly going for an advertisement without reading the survey. Most of the teenagers are more likely to not seek a higher education and go straight into working. Generation Z seems more independent and have a long term plan for their future. About social media, Generation Z likes their privacy Most of the population prefer face to face contact then rather an app or any other messaging way . Millennials and generation Z are a little different When it comes to money Millennials are a more frugal and price conscious generation, Gen Z on the other hand is a generation that depends more on technology and likes their privacy. ( The useful website that I found all this information from was askwonder.com)