Music Review: Eminem’s “Music To Be Murdered By”

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

On Friday, January 17th, 2020, smash hit Eminem released another surprise album. Everyone did not know he was gonna release another album, due to the rap mainstay being a whopping 47 years old, but he is still picking off the rap game with everything. His new album was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, and the album? Music To Be Murdered By.

Here is my opinion (and disservices) towards the album.

(Im not considering intros or skits, due to them being naturally a Eminem skit or intro and them being a bit extreme.)

Unaccommodating (ft Young M.A) 8/10

You see, this album was very nice, and this was the best way to start it off maybe. Young M.A had a very respectable and Eminem did have some nice bars and flow. This song was a very nice touch to a already due album. It sounds very nice and sounds pretty nice.

You Gon’ Learn (ft Royce Da 5′ 9″ and White Gold) 10/10

Oh. My. God. I couldn’t give this a worse rating than 10 because the absolute nuts vocals on the hook by White Gold and the verse by Royce Da 5′ 9″ because he spoke some really good bars and used extensive vocabulary towards the beat. Even Eminem sounded good on here. Very impressive.

Those Kinda Nights (ft Ed Sheeran) 5/10

I will say, this had some very nice metaphors and some very nice rapping by Eminem. But… the beat Eminem NOR Ed Sheeran did not fit in. It sounded like something Dua Lipa or Tyga would sound better in. I did not mind this song, but the only reason I gave it a 5 is because Ed Sheeran and some nutty Eminem bars.

In Too Deep 4/10

You see.. This is about relationships and your wife. The beat doesn’t work here. Nothing works here. The only thing that would ever bring me back here is the rare occurrence of Eminem singing.

Godzilla (ft Juice WRLD) 11/10

Holy. Moly. This song is nuts. Not only does it include my favorite rap artist of all time Juice WRLD, but Eminem had a absolute nuts performance. He rapped perfectly over this beat. At no point in this song did he back down. He went ballistic on this song, and I was very impressed. Also, Juice WRLD had a very nice hook on here. Eminem spitted bars for 30 seconds STRAIGHT.

Darkness 7/10

The beat is very nice, the song is about shootings and how they reflect upon todays society. I was very impressed with this song and its dark meaning in the back. I love this song.

Leaving Heaven (ft Skylar Grey) 2/10

ew. this song was terrible and the beat sounded like something X Ambassadors should have used. not good, at all. not even Skylar Grey, who had a admirable performance, could save this song from its fate.

Yah Yah (ft Royce Da 5′ 9″, Black Thought, Q-Tip, Denaun) 9/10

Some always classic bars from D-12. I love this song because of the wacky beat and the great performances of all the rappers included. I was impressed by how good this song was.

Stepdad 6/10

You see… I looked at this song, and heard it, and it was pretty corny. But the more I heard this song… its about a terrible stepdad. Just a introspective song about a terrible stepdad who beats his wife and his son and apparently killed Eminem’s dog.

Marsh 10/10

This song is absolutely nuts and it sounds very nice. The beat sounds like something that Eminem would use in his prime, and it is nuts. I really do say that this song is one of the best of the albums. I liked the wacky beat and the bars.

Never Love Again 8/10

Good lord. This is about a guy who had a girlfriend and now that he doesn’t have her he is lost. I can relate to this song so much and the beat is so nice. The song overall sounds really nice and the story hits so close to home it’s not even funny. Plus it has yet another Eminem-sung hook, which I love.

Little Engine

Ok… this song was insane. So insane, in fact, I don’t know how to rate it. The Alfred Hitchcock sample and the EDM influenced beat is literally nuts. Eminem even sounds very nice on this song and he raps very profusely. The beat is wild. Geez.

Lock It Up (Ft. Anderson .Paak) 9/10

Anderson sounded really good on this song and the beat is very nice. Eminem sounded very smooth on a new 808 beat so that was nice. I really do like this song and the clever beat it has. I love the Anderson .Paak feature because, in my opinion, he is one of the most hated guys in the game, but I love his music. It sounds very smooth and nice. Eminem had very nice bars on this song.

Farewell 1/10

“If the world had a ****, it would **** you.” Yikes.

No Regrets (ft Don Toliver) 10/10

I’m in love with Don Toliver. His music is out of this world. His hook on this song is nuts. The beat by DA Doman sounds nice as well. It’s Eminem, so you know he had a nice verse on this song as well. No regrets for my 10 rating. None.

I Will (ft. KXNG Crooked, Royce Da 5′ 9″, Joell Ortiz) 7/10

Hmmm.. I’m not sure how I feel about this song. I’ve listened to this album for about a week, and i’m not sure how I still feel about this song. KXNG had a nice feature. Lots of nice punchlines. Royce had a very nice performance. Joell… I’ve never heard his music, but it sounds OK I suppose.

Overall, this album was pretty cool. I liked it a lot and the features really did win it over for me. Eminem had a very nice album in this album. It just seems like he needs his features to sort of carry him now. Especially on the hooks, thats his weak link.

8/10. I didn’t really mind that this album was made with some really good filler songs, and some terrible filler songs. I really will say my three favorites are (IN ORDER)

  1. Godzilla
  2. You Gon’ Learn
  3. No Regrets