Heavy Storms In Australia

Traya Bence, Writer


Heavy storms have swept their way through south Australia causing major flash flooding. But the heavy rain does produce a benefit for Australia’s wildfire problem that has took 28 lives since it started. All though the rain helps with the wildfires, flash flooding caused native animals to be rescued from a national park. According to “CNA” some koalas and other native animals at the Australia Reptile Park on the east coast of New South Wales had to be rescued from floodwaters on Friday morning”. Since it has started hailstorms and dust storms have now occurred which has caused many power outages and houses have been damaged very badly. According to CBS news “to the west the 186-mile wide cloud of red dust was carried by wind gusts up to 66 miles per hour and descended on the drought-stricken towns of Dubbo, Broken Hill, Nyngan and Parkes, local media reported. Much of the dust is topsoil from New South Wales state farms”. The hail has damaged public buildings, businesses, homes, cars, cut power to some suburbs, brought down trees, caused flash flooding and injured two people, emergency services officials said. Also due to the flash flooding major highways in Queensland have been shut down, officials have reported that this is the heaviest rainfall they have seen in months.