Iranian Lawmaker Declares $3 Million Bounty on President Trump’s Head

Peyton Feldman, Writer

Peyton Feldman 

Mrs. Seltzer 

Journalism 1 

21 Jan 2020 


     Ahmad Hamzeh, an Iranian parliament member announced a $3 million bounty on president Donald Trump’s head during a parliament meeting on Tuesday. Hamzeh’s idea about killing the president has not been backed up by the parliament yet 

    Hamzeh represents Kerman which is the hometown province of Qassem Solimani. Solimani was an Iranian major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) since 1998. On January 3rd he was killed by a U.S airstrike approved by president Trump. Iran made a counterattack on the 8th launching a ballistic missile at a U.S. base in Iraq which injured 11 troopers. There were no reported deaths. 

    According to The Hill Hamzeh said in his speech to the parliament that “the bounty on Trump is one of the country’s few options after the Iran Nuclear Deal left it unable to produce nuclear weapons”. ISNA, an Iranian news agency mentioned that Hamzeh continued his announcement by saying “If we had nuclear weapons today, we would be protected from threats… this is our natural right”.  

    In 2015 Iran had to discontinue its nuclear ambitions after signing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. Several other countries such as the U.K., France, Germany, China, and Russia also signed the deal. The U.S. also originally signed it but are no longer in the pact. This is due to president Trump following a campaign promise. The U.S. withdrew from the deal as of May 2018. 

    Iran recently has been gradually backing away from the deal and Britain, France, and Germany were not too happy about it. According to Fox news the three countries wrote in a letter that they’ve “been left with no choice, given Iran’s actions, but to register our concerns that Iran is not meeting its commitments. Germany, Britain, and France also threatened to report the capital city Tehran to the U.N. for alleged violations to the Iran Nuclear DealIn response to this Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif according to Reuters said “if the Europeans continue their improper behavior or send Iran’s file to the Security Council, we will withdraw from the [Non-Proliferation Treaty]. However, on Monday Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi announced that Iran might be willing to negotiate but not under “the conditions the Europeans have in mind.