Kids Should Join The Summer Bootcamp

Shaney Guadalupe

Why 8th Graders and Other  High Schoolers should join the Summer bootcamp .Kids entering high school should look into entering summer bootcamp for collage. You need good grades, it’s a very good opportunity for future high schoolers to be prepared for collage and they teach you a lot of amazing things. You get to stay on campus all summer long. Though this is only for students that want to  maximize their SAT or PSAT score. The bootcamp is designed to focuses on scoring high on the summer or fall test. The bootcamp is for 4th-8thgraders who need a boost in their reading comprehension and writing skills. It’s an opportunity for kids who struggle to get an opportunity to get better at what they are doing. Most kids would rather go on vacation and have fun with families and friends . But sometimes is better for them to go to camp so they can be more prepared for future school events, such as test , exams, SAT, PSAT, and many more. They could also be advanced children if they go to this program. Is important for students to get the knowledge they need and this program was created to give it to them. Therefor they won’t be held back or put into special classes. They will be at the grade level they are supposed to be and will be able to understand what the whole class knows(This information was found at Kids need the right education , they are the future of this world and with them getting the help they need they can become great people and have good jobs. This program can take your child as far as collage. Parents should get involved in their children’s education .