One Game Left!

Madison Morrow, Soccer Writer/Editor

On Janury 30th the Bucs took on Clearwater at Clearwater. This was district game it was the make or break game if we won we would move on to play River Ridge but if we lost are season were over. Tensions were high for the seniors this could be their last game forever. The 11 starters were Elizabeth Stacey, Corin Ephraim, Jaclyn Rooney, Marija Travoric, Madison Morrow, Cadence Hunt, Tanner Jehlen, Lexie Duke, Sumetha Chu, Maddie Lanzi, and Jenna Short. The game started the Bucs held them 0-0 till right before water break and they scored. Clearwater then scored 2 more making it 3-0. It was then half time we had to shake this off the team was mad at this point the other team became physical and it got aggressive. During the second half Clearwater scored 2 more. Gulf was tired and beat up but they held clearwater at 5 till the final whistle. 5 mistakes was all it was you played a good game just 5 mistakes” Is what coach Morrow told the team. The team may have cried a few tears but not because we lost but because it was goodbye to the seniors the foundation of the team. The Bucs had a great season. They grew as a team and played with heart. They are ready for next year!