Empire Sticks Up for Ball Girl at Australian Open

kaitlyn marsh

During the 2020 Australia opener Elliot Benchetrit a man who won many tournaments and games is now receiving criticism. Elliot is receiving criticism for having his ball girl peel a banana for him when in a match against Dmitry Popko. The chair umpire of the game John Blom didn’t think this was appropriate. He yelled out to Elliot saying, “she not your slave” and “peel the banana yourself” according to the Frenchmen that talk to CNN. But what the empire didn’t see was. Elliot putting on a type of cream that would keep his hands for sweating and he simply didn’t want it all over his fresh produce. But don’t let this fool you he did end up winning his match against Dmitry with a 6-3 win. With this he was setting a place for him to continue and compete in his to advance to his next tournament. But with all the criticism it caught the Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova came up to back up the empire decision and intervene Elliot title, this then goes onto having Elliot knocked out of the tournament in Melbourne. Elliot  has truly become amazed and finds it incredible how this all gone out  of control on social media. News stories across different social medias ranging from Facebook to Snapchat and even some personal Vlogs. Elliot made a statement about this and said, “I find it incredible how this situation got out of control on social media without people knowing what really happened on court.” according to what he told a reporter on CNN. News. After all this happened,  Elloit didn’t let this stop him he then went onto compete against Japans Yuichi Sugita and was beaten by three point making him lose the tournaments.