Teacher at Fivay Brings Gun to School

kaitlyn marsh

On the 28th of January Pasco county officials went to Fivay High School to respond to a call about there being a possible threat. Fivay was on a control campus on Tuesday afternoon after the school got word of the unverified threat report. Then Pasco County Sheriff Department came to the school and did a complete search. After concluding the search, they come to realization that the so called “threat” was not real. Turns out a student at Fivay was making it up and eventually admitted that it was him that made it up. The identity of the student identity has not yet been released. Later, the Sheriff Department conducted another second sweep of the school after the school’s dismissal just to make sure that they weren’t missing something and to be extra safe. When conducting the search, they realized they did miss one very important thing in the classrooms. A teacher had a fully loaded gun a in her purse which was found in a filing cabinet. With that, the teacher immediately came to defend her self-saying “she forgot she was carrying the gun” says the investigators. The teacher has been arrested for having a gun on school campus. Also, the teacher identity has not been released yet either. As for the student who made the alleged threat was later charged with disrupting a school function and filing a false report to law enforcement. This day was not just stressful but also chaotic with not just this threat, but it is causing many things to happen such as multiple fights.Since all of these incident at Fivay, they have increased the enforcement presence at Fivay to help ensure the safety of their staff, students and everyone else.