Flu Season Pandemic

Traya Bence, Writer

                 Flu season has started different this year and it’s too early to determine if it’s going to be too dangerousThe flu is supposed to peak in December and February but it began early this year by starting in late November, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu has killed 27 kids in the United States so far, making it the most pediatric deaths caused by the flu in 17 years. It began in the South states, Texas and Georgia and began to spread throughout the Country. “As of the last week of December, widespread flu activity was reported by health departments in 46 states”, experts stated that this year’s vaccine may not even be effective against the flu strain that’s already widespread in the United States. According to The New York Times, “B strain flus do not normally arrive until late this season… they often impact children more than adults and older adults”. Deaths by pneumonia and flu are surprisingly lower than the average at this time of the year. According to a source there is a new universal vaccine that will help with immunity against multiple different strains of the virus, scientists are testing the vaccine and expects to get the results this year. According to News4Jax In Florida alone 4 children have died due to the flu already” also Lt.Gov stated “With this year’s flu season in full swing, it is critical that adults and children get the flu vaccine to protect against infection and help prevent the spread of seasonal flu to others, News4Jax also stated health department officials, there have been 6.4 million cases, more than 55,000 hospitalizations and 2,900 related deaths nationwide during the 2019-2020 flu season. It is very important that you get your flu shot before your home sick.