Students Should Hand in Their Work on Time

Shaney Guadalupe

The end of the school year, students shouldn’t wait to do make up work, it can lead to more stress and it’s time consuming. That’s why is better to do your work when it’s given to you in the beginning of your school year so you won’t fall behind. Some teachers give homework on a Friday and it’s due Monday or sometimes even Tuesday. For the students who know that they aren’t going to complete much during their homework until Sunday most likely forget or even don’t feel like doing it. Students need to plan out how and when they are going to make time to do their work so they don’t fall behind and not get the grade they don’t deserve. Some kids who do their work late and hand it in don’t get the grade they wanted is because they handed the work in late. So it does fall on the student to have planed time to do their work so they can get the grade they deserve. Speaking on the behalf of students themselves they do have a life of their own, and they are still young adults. They do have a lot of stress going on and most of it comes from school. Though some teachers do play their part and give them time to make up work at the end of their quarter so they would have time to make up the work that they have not turned in at the beginning of the quarter so they can end up having a better grade. Students should take advantage for that because most teachers don’t give that opportunity to many of their students. With that being said students should stay on their work. So they wouldn’t have to worry about work they didn’t do during the begging of the quarter.