2020 Superbowl Half Time

kaitlyn marsh

February 2nd of 2020 Jennifer Lopez and Shaira made not only an amazing performance at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.Lopez also showed off a moment of recognizing the immigration problems with their feathery Puerto Rico and USA flag. They brought to light the immigration problem a support of the major earthquake that has happened on national television. Then this has become one of the biggest moments in history of NFL Super Bowl halftime shows. The roaring energy from the dancers, singers and crowd. Shakira and JLo both highlighted their top songs throughout the years. With that they brought in two special featured artist Bad Bunny and J Balvin. Lopez entire into the show with her song “Jenny from the Block”. A major highlight of Lopez performance was when she came out in a sparkling body suit singing “Waiting for Tonight” as she showed of her skills from the movie Hustlers. Another major part of Lopez performance is when she brought her daughter and a group of chorus girls on stage and let them sing “Let’s Get Loud”. As she was singing you could see in the camera of Shakira playing the drums during the song. Right when the song was ending Lopez came out with a big feathery flag with one side being red white and blue for Puerto Rico and the other side representing the stars and stripes of the USA flag. Later, in the performance they brought out glowing cages with children inside to bring up the solidarity in the Latin community and show the impact by anti-immigration policies. A comment by one of the choreographers who work with Lopez herself said “I think it started, from a musical standpoint, having ‘Born in the USA’ in there for a little moment, and it just was a natural evolution. We had a great partnership with Versace and Rob [Zangardi], her stylist, saying, ‘Let’s just do this in a way that everyone feels that American pride.’ One of the choreographers who worked with Lopez, Tabitha Dumo, told Buzzfeed. Finally, Lopez and Shakira finished off their performance with “Waka Waka,” then went out with a bang showing off their dancing skills and power moves. This halftime show has gone down in history for many reasons ranging from the two girls being the first Latina women to headline the show and the different controversies throughout it.