Coronavirus In The U.S.

Traya Bence, Writer

The virus that has killed at least 638 people, has reached the United States. According to NBC news “a cruise ship that has returned to New Jersey has more than 2 dozen Chinese nationals and they were being screened for any signs of the new virus on Friday morning”On another ship 11 Americans out of 61 people were quarantined on the ship. NBC news has stated that “The cruise ship is off Japan and it was confirmed to have the coronavirus” NBC news also stated “Princess Cruises said that of 41 newly confirmed cases from the quarantined Diamond Princess, eight are Americans. Earlier this week, 20 other people from the ship had tested positive for the virus, and of those three are from the U.S.. Luckily for Floridians there hasn’t been any cases of the virus in Florida but there was a patient who was tested at a South Florida Hospital. According to The incident appeared significant: hospital workers told at least one fire-rescue department not to bring anyone to Memorial Regional Hospital’s emergency room, and another department was told to wear masks”. There was also another coronavirus case in California. According to Fox News “One of the evacuees who was transported from China to California last week due to coronavirus fears was diagnosed on Monday with the new virus, becoming the 13th known case on U.S. soil, reports said.” Fox news also stated that “The patient left Wuhan — the epicenter of the virus — on a State Department chartered flight carrying 167 evacuees that arrived at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego on Wednesday”. The hospital stated that the patient is under observation at the UC San Diego Medical Center and they are doing well.