False Alarm at Zephyrhills Middle School

kaitlyn marsh

On Feburary 4th ,there was a report of a false alarm at Stewart Middle School ,Zephryhills Florida. The report was that a grown man was walking  around with an rifle near the school. The Pasco County Sherrif Office immediately got involved and started searching for this man but nobody was found. The report was made by a school bus driver who clamed to see a guy walking away from the middle school on 10th Ave. The bus driver said that the man had a “large rifle” according to the Sheriff Office. After the bus driver made this claim to the school district they then dialed 911 and reported it to the Zephyrhills Police Departmentand  told them about the driver saw around approximentally 2:33 p.m. The Zephyhills police officers then responded to the call and went to the school and to search the surrounding areas.The school resource officer had put the school on an “active threat plan” just incase there was a actual active shooter by them. When the resource officer went to question the bus driver who reported the incedent he said “he saw the man carrying a large case that looked like a  “large rifle case” said the bus driver but never saw the rifle or firearm”says the Resource Officer.The deputies searched through the school just to be safe and found nothing. The school was taken off the active threat plan and was placed onto a controlled dismissal for when they sent student’s home. The police countinued searching the surrounding areas again after the student’s were dissmissed that day.Nothing was found when they were searching and the Sherif office has since released a timeline of the events that have happened that day on multiple sources of social media.