How Did Pasco County Get a Name for Their New School?

kaitlyn marsh

There were approximentaly 72 submissions of names for the new high school in Wesley Chapel that were sent to the Pasco County School Bored. Even though the board had a idea of hat they were going to name the new high school they still took seggestions.The board unanimously started calling the plan”east-county technical high school the Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation”. You can see the school being built on the corner of Curley and Kiefer road in Westly Chaple. A board member Cynthia Armstrong “I’ve always leaned toward naming it toward something related to the place”. Kirkland has been expected to be a school that it will service every skills and technology student might need. This name help the district also meet the terms or the acquired land the school will be built on. When the seller was about to sign the sale paper they wanted it to have some form of “Kirland Ranch Campus” and that’s how they helped name the school.Now don’t get confused the school board did take a look at the other names that were sent to them. Instead of them calling out one of the names maybe the district could creat an name for the building to honor the many educiator pioneer who helped make eastern Pasco County. This would help acknoledge import people that don’t get to have there name on a school.Collen Beaudion ho is a chairwoman for Pasco County helped and even support the idea. With her supporting this might be the push for the school academic programs,sections of the campuse and named after succesful figures. Also Kurt Browning the superintendent said “ he would get his staff moving to collect histroy,photos and other memorabilia”. Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation is schduled to open in the fall of 2021.