Olympics Soccer Qualification Tournament

Madison Morrow, Soccer Writer/Editor

The 2020 Olympics start on Friday July 24th and end on Sunday August 9th. There were 2 groups competing in the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament. In group A there was United States, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Panama. In group B there was Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, and Saint Kitts. Every team played 3 games among their groups the winners of the most games played one another in a championship game. In this case it was the United States VS Canada, the US won all 3 games with the scores of 4-0,8-0, and 6-0. Canada scores were 11-0, 9-0, and 2,0. Both teams won all their games the final game the US had scored was 3-0 Lynn Williams scored in the 60th minute, Lindsey Horan scored in the 70th minute, and Megan Rapinoe scored in the 87th minuteBoth teams however will be going to the Olympics along with Brazil, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden. Japan host the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament for the first time as the best players and teams from around the world competing to win. Alex Morgan captain of the United States team is pregnant and did miss the J Olympic Qualifying Tournament she is due in April and plans if everything goes well to be back for the games. Just the other day she was training seven months pregnant.