Milkman Making a Comeback

kaitlyn marsh

Millennials are trying to bring back the iconic milkman from the 1950’s. The Millennials no longer want to go to the store and buy a big plastic jug of milk. They want to be able to find new ways to eliminate and live with less waste and plastic. You can find a lot of places in London that are having people signing up month after month to get fresh milk and other dairy delivered. Not only are they doing that and signing up for it they have the option between plastic or glass and people are choosing glass bottles. The glass bottle can be reused up to 25 times and can be recyclable. In London the people who are working as the milkman are learning more about what the customer’s needs and wants are. Not only are the milkmen delivering milk to the house but there now delivering artisanal food. Such things can be like bread and honey that is found in local honey and it will all come before breakfast time. Milkmen were relevant back then and are going to be relevant now. This generation of Millennials are going to have children who are going to grow up to see the classic white button up and black bow tie. To the next generation there going to be able to experience the nice delivery of fresh cold milk in a bottle. With them bring this back and the children growing up on this we are making it better for the next coming years. Since the children are going to see this and they want to hopefully continue this. This then can maybe bring back more things that were helpful back from the past. But for now, we must give a round of applause for the older generations who started the milkman.