Missing Jet Skier

Jordan Huddleston

Cole Torrent, a Pasco County jet skier, was out riding around on the water when he had stopped to help a bird that was tangled in a net. When he looked to where he had left his jet ski, he realized it was drifting away. He tried to swim after his jet ski, but with a storm quickly approaching, the water currents were just too much for him to swim through. Cole Torrent said “I just found the closest stilt house I could, because at this point, I’d started swallowing water, and the water was freezing,” Torrent also stated “Luckily, I found a tarp to cover myself in, and they had a small space heater, which kept me warm through the night.”  

People were searching for him for hours throughout the night after he was reported missing. Torrent had to break a window to enter the stilt house he had swam to and he ended up taking shelter there all night. The police did have multiple boats and a helicopter looking for him throughout the night. The police and searchers did find his jet ski but decided to ramp up their efforts when the sun came back out. Torrent did say he woke up in the early morning and seen a search helicopter and waved it down and that is how he was finally rescued.”  
















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