Cancer Story  

Daija Wiggins


women named Cynthia was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her early 30’s. She was in comfort knowing what was wrong, the disease runs in her family so it made sense. Cynthia was very strong and inspirational, when she was diagnosed she came up with an idea to design a T-Shirt that says “Stoner than Cancer”. Everyday she made a story in her “Cancer diary” and posted it for Family, Friends and strangers to read. She did all of those things because it helped her with her emotions from people sending love and support. One of the things Cynthia has said is “I’ve lived more in the couple of years since my diagnosis than I lived in the 30-something years prior to that. I’ve gotten more hugs, more I love yous and more handshakes”. She thinks of her diagnosis as a gift it has helped her find her voice and keep pushing hard and to be great she feels as if she is living her life to the fullest.