Social Media and Phone Usage

Daija Wiggins, Writer

Social media was the way that people used to interact with other people such as family and friends, but now it’s mostly used for businesses that needs to benefit from the popular current communication so they can connect with the customers. Using social media you can basically talk to anyone around the world. Also a lot of bad things could happen using social media because there are bad people that can talk to you and act like someone they aren’t to get your attention. Thousands of people have been kidnapped or raped because of it. People need to also be careful on what they post and what they send to others. Many people think once you delete something its gone forever, buthe truth is it’s never really gone. Besides that, a lot of people just sit at home and do nothing which isn’t healthy nor good for you in general. Several people are addicted to devices it doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, tv, computer, iPad etc. people should get out and go do something and get exercise without using a device. Addition to that, so many innocent people have died because of phones and using social media for example, hundreds and thousands of people get in car crashes or get hit by a car not paying attention to whats going on around them because they are on the devices. We could prevent these unnecessary deaths from happening if people lower the percentage of using devices.