Large Asteroid Will Pass Earth

A large asteroid that is between one and two thousand wide, is expected to pass by and not hit earth on April 29.  The asteroid is expected to pass by Earth at about a distance of 3,908,791 thousand away. It was first detected in 1998 and named 52768 (1998 OR2). NASA did say that the asteroid, if it did hit earth, would be able to cause global effects. All though the asteroid is not considered deadly or on a collision course with Earth for now, it could be cause for concern in the future. The asteroid is still being closely monitored by scientists, but as of right now is not on NASA's Asteroid Impact monitoring page 

NASA scientists say that even though there is no chance of 52768 (1998 OR2) impacting Earth, there is a chance in the near future that there could be a deadly impact to Earth from a collision with anasteroid. As of this moment right now that is not going to happen, but scientists do say that when there is an asteroid that is on a direct collision course with Earth, we will have no defense against it. 

















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