My Analysis of Kaitlin Bennett (OPINION)

Peyton Feldman, Writer

Peyton Feldman 

Mrs. Seltzer 

Journalism 1 

25 Feb 2020 

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Kaitlin Bennett who is also referred to as “Kent State Gun Girl” and self-titled “conservative journalist” has been controversial recently for pushing her far-right wing opinions about gun control and abortion onto people who disagree with her. She travels to protests, college campuses, festivals, and many more public places to interview people that attend. I personally do not agree with Bennett or her “style” of journalism, she shoves her opinion down people’s throats, asks extremely provoking questions, uses people’s opinions against them, and then she cries wolf when people give her negative reactions. She clearly has no issue being rude to people in fact Bennett uses her behavior to help her boost her online platform. 

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Gun girl first started gaining attention after tweeting a graduation picture of herself on May 13th, 2018 with an AR-10 rifle strapped to her back walking into the Kent State University Campus. She decided to do this after her brother gave her the idea. Bennett dislikes that students aren’t allowed to carry a firearm on campus but guest are. After going viral Bennett used her internet platform to post commentary videos to the Liberty Hangout, a far-right libertarian media outlet which promotes misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, trans-phobia, and Antisemitism. According to she has gained almost “275K followers on Twitter, 138K on Instagram, and 398K followers on her YouTube channel”. Bennett has also been featured on CBSFox and Friends, and a variety of other news outlets, additionally based on the Liberty Hangout she has also been asked to speak at gun rallies, and has been contacted by U.S Congress members and state representatives to help work on campus carry legislation. 

In her YouTube videos Gun girl goes out of her way traveling to certain places and events and asking people appalling questions. Some of her most famous asked questions are “What do you think about putting urinals in the women’s restroom?” and “Should we put tampons in the men’s restroom?. She asked these specific questions in a video taken place at the University of Kentucky titled “College Students Have no Morals”. Most of the people interviewed in this video didn’t necessarily care as long as everybody was comfortable, and they provided responses Bennett couldn’t necessarily use against them. Another example of a video that she posted on the Liberty Hangout is called “Pride gets Peaceful”. This video is located at a Pride parade in Des Moines and throughout the video Bennett interrupts people trying to enjoy themselves and tries to call them out for being intolerant while being completely intolerant to the beliefs of other people. During the video she also calls people disgusting and makes several uncalled-for remarks on other people’s appearances. Her behavior is completely without a doubt is horrendous to others. 

Most recently oFebruary 18th Bennett went to Ohio University just to receive swarms of students (approximately 400) protesting her. They chanted go home and taunted her, threw hot coffee, and toilet paper (there’s an alleged incident of Bennett pooping herself at a frat party) on her, shoving her, and more.  

Despite what Bennett acknowledged as a riot according to NBC news the Ohio university police mentioned “the incident did not rise to the level of a riot” and that they received no further notice Bennett was even visiting the campus. Bennett responded to this statement by saying to NBC news that the university police “refused to help and lied in their press statements about what happened”. Even though she couldn’t get through one interview while at Ohio University she vowed on visiting there again 2 days after the incident. 

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Overall Gun Girl is willing to do anything for attention and always wants to be right. It’s upsetting how she is so young and advocating cultural appropriation, misogynyhomophobia, Antisemitism and so much more hatred on Liberty Hangout. I don’t mind her strong opinions about guns or abortion, but I’m bothered by the fact she harasses and bullies’ others for their standpoints on the same topics and at the end makes herself look like a victim in every possible situation.