Women’s History Month and Why it is Important

Peyton Feldman, Writer

Peyton Feldman 

Mrs. Seltzer 

Journalism 1 

6 March 2020 

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Women’s history month, taken place from the start to the end of March is time dedicated to celebrating the contributions women have brought to society throughout history. Each year there is a common theme for this month and since 2020 marks the 100th year anniversary of when the 19th amendment was ratified this year’s theme according to history.com is “Valiant Women of the Vote”. The theme is supposed to honor “the brave women who fought to win suffrage rights”. 

Women’s history month expanded from a day to a whole monthIn 1978 a school district in Sonoma California decided to hand out a “real women” essay contest where several hundred students wrote an essay about a woman of their choice and what they contributed to society. Soon an idea of making “International Women Day” longer spread to different school districts, within communities, and organizations. cnn.com says “the movement was so popular people began lobbying for more formal observanceIn 1980 President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first National Women’s History Week on March 8th. More national push occurred after thisstates began to declare the whole month of March as Women’s History Month. Eventually Congress finally declared March 1987 as the first ever Women’s History Month. 

The reason why Women’s History Month is so important is because for several hundred years women were considered weak. Based on study.com a woman’s duty back in the day was keeping their family fed and happy and keeping their home tidy”. They had very few rights and their capabilities were often overlooked. It wasn’t until the Civil War around the early to mid-1860s that women started to get out the house. Since then women have been an active part in society and eventually gained rights, education, and were even able to get jobs. It’s crazy to believe we have come such a long way. As March begins, we should honor the innovations and changes women have contributed to society throughout history and all they have went through.  

Examples of Women we should honor this month… 

. Rosa Parks 

. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

. Hedy Lamarr 

. Babe Didrickson Zaharias