50 Rockets In 5 Years

Jordan Huddleston



 A rocket, the Falcon 9, has been launched successfully from Cape Canaveral. The rocket was created by a company named Space X. Space X created the cargo rocket to be used to bring supplies to the International Space Station.  One of the big accomplishments is the rockets booster made a successful return and landed on the launch pad. This booster has been used many times by Space X because they are trying to use re-usable boosters as much as possible Out of 80 missions, 30 have been with re-usable boosters. Space X says the next version of the rocket will be able to carry people on it. Their goal is to make space travel as cheap as flying on a regular airplane. 

Along with the supplies that the rocket brought to the International Space Station, they also brought some experiments from companies that would like to see how their products react in low gravity. Adidas sent a new shoe material so the material can be tested. Delta Faucets also sent a new shower head prototype to be tested. The shower head was created to save water when taking a shower by controlling the speed and size of the water drops when they come out.  

















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