Stroke Victim Denied by 911 Dispatcher

Shaney Guadalupe

A dispatcher in the city of Cincinnati was suspended after he neglected to send help to a victim that was experiencing a stroke. A neighbor of the victim made the call informing the neighbor needed help because he was he was experiencing a stroke. The 911 dispatcher kept insisting that if the victim did not want help they couldn’t do anything for him. The naighbor to the stoke victim kept saying he was getting worse. The neighbor told the dispatcher at many moments in the call: “He is getting worse and worse”, “This is an emergency”,”He’s has a stroke”,”He’s had a stroke and has another one coming. He’s going to die.”,”He’s going to die here”. It was an eight minute call and the dispatcher kept saying that if help wasn’t wanted they couldn’t force it. He eventually hung up. The next day they had out that the neighbor had given him the correct information and directions to the victims house where he was pronounced dead. They didn’t have no way of telling wether if it if not they would’ve have gotten there their could have been a possibility of the victim living. The manager does not exactly know how the neighbor knew that he was having a stroke, but the dispatcher should have sent someone over. What took place on January 12 was nothing close to a tragedy, but may not one person represent the hard work of all their organization, as they do work hard day to day.