What’s Going on Post Malone

Daija Wiggins


Post Malone has been stumbling on stage rolling his eyes back messing up his words and screaming into the mic at his live performances recentlyPeople are saying it’s because of drugs, but he keeps denying it and says it’s not drugs. There are videos all over social media of Post Malone doing those things, some of his fans are worried that he might actually be on drugs but in the article it says “Malone used his concert in Memphis, Tennessee to deny these claims”. Some things Malone has said is “I feel the best I’ve ever f***ing felt in my life. And that’s why I can bust my ass for these shows and f***ing fall on the floor and do all that fun s***.”. He also thanked his fans for worrying about him he said that it means they love him and care. At his concert at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday night (Mar 4) he was singing his song “ I Fall Apart” and he legit fell to the floor and looked as if he was struggling to get back on his feet. Malone might be doing this at his performances as a act for the show or just for attention or maybe both.