United States Vs England

Madison Morrow, Soccer Writer/Editor

March 5th kicked off the 2020 she believes cup which is an invitational women’s association football tournament. This year the four teams playing in it are Spain, Japan, England, and United States. The first set of games were held at the Exploria Stadium in Orlando FL, there were two games the first one was Spain VS Japan, Spain won 3-1. England is last year’s champs, but the United States have not lost a game since January 19th, 2019. They are also the World Cup champs. England had some revenge they wanted since the US did just beat them in the World Cup. The game started, and they had a strong offensive and solid defense in the back they had 23 shots total on goal. They were doing a good job with the first 2 steps just struggling on that last step the shot. England had a couple good shots as well with a total of 8 shots on goal. After the half at the 53rd minute Press scores with an assist from O’Hara. Then not even 5 minutes pass and Horan gave a great pass to LLoyd who shoots it in. England then takes out their shooters to put up more of a defensive play. The US held them the rest of the game leaving the score to be 2-0 at full time another win of the USNWT.