Kids are not Taking Advantage of the Opportunities that are Being Given to Them

Antonio Mentor, Writer



The youth that step foot on this Earth now, are our future, and about at least 50% of this population such as parents, friends and most of all, teachers, are doing everything in them to help us succeed in life. Doors are opened to these kids in this generation daily. These freshmen and scholars do not analyze how many chances are given to them daily. Freshmen that are just now getting into high school are putting their academic careers in jeopardy. They take it as a joke and reject all the opportunities that our parents, teachers, counselors and even our own friends try to give us. My name is Antonio Mentor. I am an honor roll student and senior at Gulf High School. I have tried so hard supporting many of my fellow friends that have tried to skip school or even try to drop out. I have had a friend that used to be so called my “best friend” active in AVID, sports, and even stayed on top of his grades once he was enrolled in high school as freshman. If you ask me what has happened to him and where is he now? He has more than 50 absences, straight F’s and is now being enrolled in SOS due to the possibility of him most likely not walking the stage to earn his high school diploma.

Kids nowadays do not care about the support, the success, and the opportunities that teachers want to give us. We take the people who want to see us succeed for granted. Students don’t want to work hard for honor roll anymore, they don’t want to grind for straight A’s, they are not determined to pass our tests and exams, they are not motivated to even achieve our daily goals and take responsibility for our academic failures. These students seem to have no more hope. Failure is the key to success, and we must analyze that. Former NBA player Kevin Durant once said,” Hard work beats talent, as talent fails to work hard.” Every single teen and student have a purpose and future in life but since it comes with hard work, we don’t seem to even try to see the whole purpose and reason for life. The two most important days of your life is when you’re born and the day you find out why. This generation seems to have their eyes closed though. They trap themselves inside their soul and hold it in. Then they say no one helps me stay motivated to work hard for what I need and want, “no one is there for me,”, “no helps me stay desired.”

Students start acting at the last minute when time is ticking to earn those high school diplomas. We all have guidance counselors, teachers, and even peers that can help us. We must take action and plan or simply think of a new concept to help these youth and students stay motivated to work harder, to study more, to stay in school, and to stay focused to get what you’ve always wanted. Every student has a goal, and they also love to see their achievements. Nothing in this humanity is free but things can be much easier if you stay focused and analyze the little things that come to you. These teachers help as much as they can to keep us on track, and what do we do to pay them back? Nothing. Our generation simply moves on with life like our success isn’t being handed to into our hands. These teachers put all they can in the palm of our hands and all students do is treat it like a piece of trash and throw it behind them thinking it won’t come back to haunt them for the rest of their lives. Students complain about their grades, about them not being able to graduate when the time arrives, so why didn’t you think about all of this once you stepped foot in high school? These students do not take the help that is given to them. They don’t realize the opportunities that are opened to them daily. There is a plan for everything and behind that plan are directions and instructions. The way I look at it; Those directions and instructions behind that plan are your teachers who do everything in their will to keep you track to graduate to help you stay strong, focused, and determined to wake up every day to achieve a goal you had yesterday. To succeed in something, you’ve been dying to succeed in. Getting a 3.0 GPA or higher, graduating, passing the semester with straight A’s are all goals and can be made into challenges. But with these challenges you have help, you have opportunities that will be given to you if you work hard for it. Students need to put their mind to the goals they want to achieve and even need in order to succeed in life. These kids nowadays are not even motivated anymore to be great in life. Our generation is the future but seem to give up easily. Do you know why? The reason is because we are not taking advantage of the opportunities that are being given to us daily. Many doors are opened for us by all kinds of important people such as parents, counselors, teachers, etc.

Take the chances that are given to you every day, because if you don’t take advantage of it, failure will.