U.S Withdrawing Troops

Jordan Huddleston

American troops are going to start being withdrawn from Afghanistan this year because of its agreement with the Taliban, there even though there is a new outbreak of violence. The new violence they are now dealing with is over the debate over which Afghan officialwill be in the Afghan delegation. The biggest problem has to do with the results of Presidential election that was held last fall. Another big issue is that they are still deciding if they should comply with a deal that will make them release 100s of prisoners that are or were affiliated with thTaliban during the inauguration of President Ashraf Ghani.  

There was a terrorist attack at the capital Kabul and ISIS claimed responsibility and the worry is that ISIS is now going to be a bigger threat because the Taliban signed a peace treaty with the US. The deal is to withdraw over 4000 troops in the next 4 months, even with the troops withdrawinghere is still Taliban attacks because the prisoners the Taliban requested to be released have not been released yet. 

Because there is such a political divide in the country right now over the Presidential election results, it threatens to throw the county into more violence. 



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