Avatar 2

kaitlyn marsh

It has been a whole decade since the first Avatar movie was released at the box office. The director of the movie James Cameron is not concerned with this big wait for the sequel Avatar 2 to come out. Currently, Avatar 2 is scheduled to come out is December 17th, 2021. Its original date was December of 2020. If we look back it’s strange because the Avatar 2 movie was supposed to be released in December 2014. Years came and went and the Avatar 2 movie and others didn’t go anywhere. There were many delays such as how Avatar 2 was supposed to come out in December of 2017.People say that the reason the movies were pushed back so far was because of the director, James Cameron. Then it was pushed to be released in January of 2017, but they delayed it again because of Star Wars; The Last Jedi being pushed from May to December of 2017. There was going to be in total four movies to be released for the Avatar franchise, but it’s not for certain that there will be a three and four. It will all be determined by the audience. If the movies do great in the box office, then there will be a good chance that they will make a three and four. But now the questions that are on our minds: Are they going to push back the Avatar 2 again? Will there be an Avatar 3 or Avatar 4? Will the Avatar 2 movie be able to stand up to the first Avatar in the box office? Only time will tell.