The Origin of April Fool’s Day

The Origin of April Fool’s day
April fool’s also known as all fool’s day has been celebrated for several centuries by several culture’s, but its exact origins remain a mystery. Some say that April Fool’s Day dates to around 1582. Historians have also connected it to festivals such as Hilaria which was celebrated in Ancient Rome, it involved people dressing up in disguises at the end of march through April. There are speculations that it ties to vernal equinox or the first day of spring, when mother nature fooled people with changing. It spread in Britain in the 18th century and became a two-day event in which they would start by sending people on phony errands. Then the day where they would pull pranks on each other by putting tails or kick me signs on people’s back.  April 1st is when the western world would celebrate New Year’s because March 25th was during holy week and they couldn’t celebrate on the actual New Year, it wasn’t until they got the Gregorian calendar that New Year’s was celebrated on January 1st. In modern times almost everybody or

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anyplace pull April fool pranks big companies such as radio stations, fast food restaurants, and many more. For example, one-year Burger king advertised left-handed whoppers, and everyone began trying to order but little did they know it was all a joke. Taco bell did a prank a few years before they said they were going to buy liberty bell and that they would change their name to Taco Liberty Bell they had lots of people fooled. April fools is celebrated all over the place, and it’s a day for family, friends and peers to prank each other and have fun with it. People while doing pranks can get creative while doing them and some will plan months ahead, others might do things last minute but there always fun to watch or hear about, and it’s a tradition that will go on forever.