The Origin of New Year’s

The origin of New Year’s
On January 1st countries all around the world celebrate New Year’s with festivals parties. The earliest date of New Year’s being celebrated was 4,000 years to Babylon. New Year’s is one of the oldest and most universal of all traditions. It is now celebrated for the beginning of the new year, and people party and do fireworks. Lots of people celebrate December 31st, New Year’s Eve to finish the year parting and to start the new year. New years has been celebrated around the world for decades and more to come. The holiday is one where you can have a religious feast or party with your friends or family and stay up until midnight, lighting fireworks, and eating food. Every New year’s people make new resolutions to accomplish for the year ahead of them. The holiday is meant to start fresh and have new goals for yourself and to stay up until midnight around a bonfire and partying. Also, people set fireworks off all day and night leading up to midnight and even after all through the night. New year is a time to enjoy time with friends and

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family and celebrate the year before and remember the good times you had and think about the new memories you can make the New Year starting. So, in conclusion it’s just a day to party and hang out with friends and family and to celebrate the past year and the new year that is coming up.