Arizona parents, grandma charged with murder after 6 year old kept in closet dies

Shaney Guadalupe

Parents of four children were keeping a 6 and 7 year old in a closet for “stealing” food. When police got to investigate about why and how long the children were kept in the closet for, they found out that this has been going on for a month. They also found out that the children weren’t allowed to leave their homes, even if it was to go outside. Anthony the dad of the children was 23 years old, the mother  Elizabeth 26 years old and the grandmother Ann Marie 50 years old were the biological family of the four children. Police responded to a call Monday about an unresponsive child at a Flagstaff home. When police arrived they had tried to help the 6 year old but unfortunately he was dead. When the cops interviewed the family they had admitted to having the 6 and 7 year old brother were kept in a closet. Both children were skinny and neither appeared to be their age. The 7 year old was hospitalized and is in the custody of the Department of Child Safety the other two children as also in the custody of the Department. Police have not gone back to investigate about the activities going on in their home. They are also wondering of any of the neighbors have known about the incident and if they did for how long, their community is pretty small so if they did know for how long and what did they not say anything about it. Also because their community is so small it would not be that hard to find out about something major going on in their community or even around them.