New York City Bus Driver Purposely spit on Woman with stroller, promoting investigation

Shaney Guadalupe

A woman with a stroller was on her way to the bus stop, she had gone shopping with her children for a new stroller. She did not mention to the bus driver that she was going to get on and had no idea how to close the stroller. The driver has announced that all stroller had to be put away for everyone’s safety. She had continued to not put the stroller away. The bus driver stated that they had exchanged arguments with each other. He also mentioned that she had hit him 3 times on his head. The driver proceeded to get off the bus following her to then spit on her face and got back into his bus. The woman does not know the driver. Nbc news did not get the name of the driver or any information about him. Police are investigating about a video that has proof and reached out to social media, they are deciding wether to bring him to court for charges or not. The bus driver did state that he regretted spitting on the woman’s face, that if he were to go back he would have never done it and he would’ve just stayed on the bus.